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We’re an e-commerce distributor dedicated to providing products that help ensure the well-being of Canadian businesses and their customers.

Available products include disposable face masks, face shields, hand sanitizers in various volumes, disposable seat covers and Health & Safety boards. We also offer Social Distancing signage such as posters, floor decals, banners & cleaning schedule pads, which are available on a Special Order basis.

All inventory orders ship out within 24 hours from our warehouse in Oakville, Ontario, and Special Order signage requests will drop ship from our manufacturing partners.

To begin shopping, simply click the buttons on the left side of the screen and navigate through the products offered. Items you have selected will stay in your shopping cart as you view other products.

If you have any questions about the store, or don’t see an item you’re interested in, please email us at sales@olivan.ca 

For more information about alcohol-free sanitizers click here


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